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Dane kontaktowe
E-mail: E-mail.
Dodatkowe informacje o ciaziodek
Location: http://www.ynr-bearing.com/roller-bearing/
Bio: Our History
Wenzhou Youlian Cross-border E-commerce Co. LTD was founded in 2018 and is located in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. Our company's main products: automatic filling, capping, labeling production line; paste liquid filling machine; capping machine; labeling machine; sealing machine; coding machine and other packaging machine. Our company adheres To the concept of innovation, professionalism, quality and integrity to bring quality products and services to the whole of the world. The products are sold well All over the country and exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe and other countries and regions. Our company adheres to the tenet of "Quality Products, Customer First" and warmly welcomes people who from abroad to cooperate with us.
Our Factory
The workshops in our factory include fully automatic workshops, semi-automatic workshops and metalworking workshops. We have a perfect complete set of production lines, and we continue to innovate and develop independently to perfectly interpret intelligence, automation and high technology.
Our Product
1. Filling machine series
2. Capping machine series
3. Labeling machine series
4. Production line series
Product Application
1. Automatic filling machine for paste, liquid, paste, powder and granule
2. Machine for Labeling, capping, sealing and packaging
Our Certificate
1. CE Certificate
2. Wenzhou science and technology innovation enterprise
3. High tech enterprise certificate
4. ISO Certificate
Production Equipment
Our factory has a technical center to provide strong guarantees for product technology research and development and auxiliary design. It has CNC lathes, vertical machining centers, CNC laser cutting machines and other equipment, with strong production capabilities
Production Market
The machine sold all over the world and we are well known in America and Australia,in 2020 we make USD 6 million already.
Our Service
Before the customer purchases, we will introduce the product to the customer in detail and accurately locate the scope of application. During the sale, we patiently respond to customer questions, answer inquiries, and let customers buy with confidence. And make customized products according to consumer requirements. After the customer purchases, we provide online video teaching to solve problems encountered by clients. Our employees are required to be absolutely passionate, fast and professional.Customized Semi-automatic Powder Filling Machine
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